Is that true – seniors are not receiving proper treatment for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a harmful illness that mostly affects the elderly because it is directly linked to bone health. Treatment must be prescribed by skilled healthcare practitioners, who need to be very careful. Misdiagnosing the patient may lead to severe complications over the years. Continue reading “Is that true – seniors are not receiving proper treatment for osteoporosis”

The Basics of Running For Seniors

senior runnerThis is a guest post by Sarah Jennings.

Running obviously isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the desire to begin running on a regular basis strikes people at different stages in their life. If it happen to strike you at an older age, it may be difficult to jump into and to hold on to your motivation. As a result, many individuals give up almost before they even begin.

My mom is one of those people. During her younger years she paid some attention to her health but was never actively conscience about it. As she got older, she realized that she needed to start actively taking care of herself but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. Sports and other physical activities require a lot of additional skills that she didn’t feel she was up to learning, but running seemed to be something that she could get behind. Continue reading “The Basics of Running For Seniors”