Are Hearing Loss and Dementia Connected

deaf person using sign languageThis is a guest post by Jenny Harrison.

There is a common myth that deafness is connected to dementia. At present, we could find no definitive research that states whether or not it does.  However, recent findings have suggested that it may be the case. Continue reading “Are Hearing Loss and Dementia Connected”

Invisible Hearing Aids


This is a guest post by Steve Claridge.

The number of people with a hearing problem is much higher than you might think. The Hearing Association of America puts the number of people in the USA with a hearing problem at 48 million; to put that another way: 1 in 5 people have some level of hearing loss. Continue reading “Invisible Hearing Aids”

Check Out Your Next Hearing Aid

This is a guest post by DJ Sweetin.

There is little about modern hearing aids to remind users of the “good old days” – when the devices sat outside the ear and did a fair job of providing enhancement for the hard of hearing. These days, digital technology is at the forefront of hearing aid research, and even greater advances are expected over the next decade in the sound quality and user-friendliness of these devices. Continue reading “Check Out Your Next Hearing Aid”