Are Hearing Loss and Dementia Connected

deaf person using sign languageThis is a guest post by Jenny Harrison.

There is a common myth that deafness is connected to dementia. At present, we could find no definitive research that states whether or not it does.  However, recent findings have suggested that it may be the case. Continue reading “Are Hearing Loss and Dementia Connected”

The #Dementia Challenge in the UK (infographic)

dementia in the uk

In every nation, the good news is that people are living longer. That brings with it an inevitable challenge since as people age they run an increasing risk of developing dementia. Becky Hillard of Organic Development wrote to me citing UK experience where the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia is increasing at an alarming rate. This undoubtedly parallels what is happening in most developed countries. Continue reading “The #Dementia Challenge in the UK (infographic)”

Music Therapy can help Dementia

This is a guest post by Lucy James.

Music as Medicine – often referred to as the healing power of music

Music, one of the few universals that unite us all, has what appears to be an almost magical ability to affect the brain, the body and the whole person deeply and powerfully. In other words, it can actually influence wellness and health. Continue reading “Music Therapy can help Dementia”

3 Benefits of Learning a New Language in Retirement

This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey.

You’ve certainly read by now article upon article advising seniors on how to keep their brains and bodies fit. Most of these articles will suggest that you keep yourself active and learn new things as often as you can. While there’s certainly value in learning anything for the sake of learning, there are very specific advantages of learning a new language in retirement. Here are few things to consider: Continue reading “3 Benefits of Learning a New Language in Retirement”

3 Sure Ways Seniors can Become Life Long Learners

This is a guest post by Samantha Gray.

Dementia—it’s one of the most feared diseases senior citizens think they may contract one day. While there are different factors that determine whether one will get dementia or not, a good way to help prevent it is to keep you mind active and strong. Thankfully there are tons of resources and opportunities around to encourage seniors to become” lifelong learners.” Continue reading “3 Sure Ways Seniors can Become Life Long Learners”

Arthritis Suits and Dementia Tours

This is a guest post by Daniel Frank

If you don’t suffer from a chronic condition then it can be hard to understand or sympathise with sufferers. Even an academic understanding of the condition cannot give you the experiences you need to understand what sufferers are going through. There is a solution to this problem, which is starting to emerge, with a number of different providers creating simulations of these conditions.
Continue reading “Arthritis Suits and Dementia Tours”