Prevent Falls At Home

This is a guest post by Chris Lee.

The risk of many injuries that happen in the home can be reduced with certain preventative actions, which are described in this article. Some of the proposed solutions may appear expensive but the injuries they can help to prevent can be quite serious, so due consideration should be given. The information here is intended as advice only and does not guarantee prevention of injuries, so treat this as a starting point for your action plan. Continue reading “Prevent Falls At Home”

A Walk-In Bathtub Will Change Your Life

This is a guest post by Seth Stevensons.

Seniors are familiar with aches and pains. A lifetime of work shows up as stiff joints and a little difficulty managing things one used to do with ease. Conventional showers and bathtubs present a bit of difficulty to seniors who cannot stand for long periods or who would have difficulty getting up from sitting on the floor. Showers have slippery surfaces even when shower mats are used, and getting into a bathtub is quite like sitting on the floor.

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