Sing and Grow Younger

Many work hard to counter the effects of aging. However that may be too modest a goal. For example, Deepak Chopra sets out in his book, “Grow Younger, Live Longer” Ten Steps to Reverse Aging.

He and his associate, David Simon, M.D., show how it is essential to renew all dimensions of the self—the body, mind, and spirit — in order to feel and look younger. Continue reading “Sing and Grow Younger”

5 Ways To Make Your Community A Safer Place To Live

communityThis article is contributed by Michael Ferraro.

Living in a pleasant community is something that many of us take for granted but for many individuals and families, even their own neighbourhoods are far from peaceful places. The only real way to ensure that your own community is a safe place to bring up your family is to dedicate your own time and efforts into creating something special. This article takes a look at several ways in which you and your friends and family can do your bit to make your neck of the woods a thriving and pleasant place to live and to visit. Continue reading “5 Ways To Make Your Community A Safer Place To Live”

Lose Weight And Build Muscle With These Almost Surefire Last Resort Options

muscle man
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This article is contributed by Sam Peters.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or build muscle for a long time and have had no luck, then you may well be starting to think that it’s a lost cause. This is understandable as it can get highly frustrating continuously training and/or dieting without seeing any progress, but the important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a lost cause. Continue reading “Lose Weight And Build Muscle With These Almost Surefire Last Resort Options”

Have walking stick, will travel – Choosing the right stick

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This article is contributed by Andrew Atkinson.

When the legs are a little less able to walk on uneven or slippery surfaces, or hills are becoming more of a burden, a walking stick can be a godsend and can give your ability to get out and about a new lease of life.

Walking sticks come in many shapes and sizes and are made out of many different materials these days. This is a big change from a few years ago when there were only a few options available and the choice was almost one type and one size. Continue reading “Have walking stick, will travel – Choosing the right stick”

Some Productive Ways To Spend Your Time When You’re Bed Bound

being bed-bound

This is a guest post by Sam Peters.

Being stuck in bed is no-one’s idea of fun and can in fact be very damaging to your self-esteem, never mind to your fitness, your relationships and your career.

But being bed ridden does have upsides and if you’re going to survive the experience you need to focus on these rather than the negatives. In particular, being stuck in bed gives you time which you can then use to accomplish a whole range of things and to develop yourself in a variety of ways. Read on and we’ll look at some of the most productive and effective ways you can spend your time stuck in bed. Continue reading “Some Productive Ways To Spend Your Time When You’re Bed Bound”

Staying Active in Every Season

open fireThis is a guest post by Madison Hill

When the cooler temperatures start rolling in, it is far more desirable to snuggle up in the comfort of a warm blanket and toasty fire than it is to even contemplate going outside. Often, going for a leisurely walk or bike ride is burdensome in the colder months, and thus the motivation to be active dwindles to almost zero. Don’t lose heart, though! While the conventional means of exercise are (usually) out of commission for the season, there are other options that are both fun and beneficial.

(As with any new health/fitness adaptation, make sure to consult your physician before you begin) Continue reading “Staying Active in Every Season”

Tips for Handling Patients with Cognitive Impairment

what was i thinkingThis is a guest post by Christian Wilson.

Caring for an individual with memory problems can be difficult and stressful.   Even more stressful, however, is realizing a loved one – or yourself – may be beginning to show the signs of memory issues or mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  This can lead to both worry and denial, since MCI is considered a very early stage of dementia.   It’s important to note that a person who has developed MCI won’t necessarily develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, though those who do develop MCI are at a much higher risk for further impairment. Continue reading “Tips for Handling Patients with Cognitive Impairment”

Best Spa Treatments For Seniors

massageThis is a guest post by Marcela De Vivo.

A day at the spa can greatly benefit a senior citizen’s physical health and wellbeing, as well as improve their overall mood; however, senior citizens tend to have more issues and restrictions than the younger generation. Spa treatments that focus on basic maintenance to pain relief, stress management and relaxation are ideal for elderly spa-goers, who may not be up to the rigors of certain massages. Continue reading “Best Spa Treatments For Seniors”

10 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors to Stay Active

senior on a cycleThis is a guest post by Julia Dennis.

The benefits of exercise for seniors are numerous, helping to keep your body in shape, your mind sharp, and your mood positive. Even light activities like walking can make a big difference in your overall health. Continue reading “10 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors to Stay Active”

Relaxation therapy may improve your mind

walk in tubA concern for many seniors is those occasional memory lapses when something they know so well does not come quickly to the tongue. Could this be an early sign of some type of dementia? Some seniors may suffer from early stage Alzheimer’s and with advancing age the risk of this becomes ever higher.

There are several suggested ways of reducing the odds of this occurring, such as exercise, both physical and mental, and following a good diet. One of the most appealing solutions involves relaxation therapy. A recent news item gives hope that this too can be successful.

Dr. Kim Innes, associate professor of Epidemiology, West Virginia University School of Public Health has been awarded a 3 year grant from the Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation to investigate the possible benefits of 2 simple relaxation therapies for improving memory and related outcomes in adults with early memory loss.

What could be better than relaxation therapy? An ideal way this can be achieved is with hydrotherapy.


Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease. The use of water for therapy has been around for hundreds of years, as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, and forms an integral part in many traditional medicine systems.

The healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on its mechanical and/or thermal effects. It makes use of the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli, to the protracted application of heat, to the pressure exerted by the water, and to the sensation of the water itself. Nerves carry what is felt by the skin deeper into the body, where it is then vital in stimulating the immune system, influencing the production of stress hormones, improving circulation and digestion, encouraging the flow of blood, and lessening the body’s sensitivity to pain.


The bathroom can be a dangerous place

Perhaps some of the benefits of hydrotherapy can be gained by enjoying a warm bath. Unfortunately most bathrooms present many hazards if you should stumble or fall. The bath itself can be awkward to enter and requires some dexterity.

For those who find a traditional Bath too challenging, there are alternatives. Walk in tubs for seniors are available that feature a wide, leak-proof door in the side. This allows you to take a small, safe step into your tub rather than climbing precariously over the ledge of a regular tub. Other safety features you may find are:

  • an ergonomically designed seat
  • a skid-resistent tub floor
  • a grab bar
  • controls to ensure an anti-scald water temperature

In this way you can have a most enjoyable bathing experience and at the same time you may be improving your mind.