Seven habits to help you age happily

7 habits to help you age happily is a very worthwhile article in the Telegraph. It is written by Miriam Akhtar, who is a psychologist who specialises in Positive Ageing. In the article, she shares her tips to age healthily and happily.

She points out that little is ever written about the other side of ageing – the advantages of later life, the gains that range from wisdom and confidence to wealth. It’s true that the body is getting weaker but the sense of who you are and what’s important to you gets stronger with age. As the French say: “je suis bien dans ma peau” – I feel good in my skin. Continue reading “Seven habits to help you age happily”

6 Reasons That Aging Is Not All That Bad

happy senior This is a guest post by Ryan Rivera.

A lot of people complain that they are “old” when they approach middle-age. These people are actually looking at the smaller picture. The best is yet to come and life becomes more exciting when you are aging – like wine. Being older does not make you less of a person but will actually bring more color to an already colorful life and make living worthwhile. Here are great reasons why aging is not as bad as you think. Continue reading “6 Reasons That Aging Is Not All That Bad”

Learn to Live in the Now

sad lonely face

This is a guest post by Ryan Rivera.

As someone that works in anxiety, I’ve found that seniors are often the most undertreated population. Many seniors are struggling every day. They’re focused too much on their own mortality and limitations, and not focusing on living each day to the fullest.

I believe this is because seniors are taught that the older you are, the more you’re done accomplishing what you wish to accomplish. There is this belief that many seniors are just passing time while the youth control society. Continue reading “Learn to Live in the Now”

Positive Psychology For Seniors

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It might be thought that if anyone is in most need of positive psychology, it would be seniors with all the aches, pains and stresses they may have to endure.  However in an article in the BBC News Magazine, Tali Sharot, a neuroscientist at University College, London, discusses some surprising findings on how happiness changes with age.  She is the author of two books on optimism, The Optimism Bias and The Science of Optimism. Continue reading “Positive Psychology For Seniors”

Maintaining Your Mobility

This is a guest post by Ken Stanfield.

As you get older it becomes necessary to adjust to your age. Your joints and muscles will start to work differently than they did at a younger age and your energy might decrease as well. As Baby Boomers move into their later years they’re bringing positivity to the aging experience and redefining what it means to get older. Regardless of whether you’re a Baby Boomer or not, mobility and exercise are the best ways of remaining independent, positive and happy throughout your entire life. Here we discuss why it’s important to exercise, how to get into a routine and stay motivated, how to adjust to mobility issues and remaining mobile for as long as you’re able. Continue reading “Maintaining Your Mobility”

Facebook for Seniors Could cure Depression Researchers Say

This is a guest post by Maria Rainier.

In its infancy stages, Facebook was designed to be accessible to exclusively college students – only those with a college email address could create an account. Since then, Facebook is now available to everyone over the age 14. While youngsters still dominate the site, within the past three years or so there has been a spike of “elderly” people using the social media site to reconnect with old friends and family members. Continue reading “Facebook for Seniors Could cure Depression Researchers Say”

16 Inspiring Quotes About Aging

senior coupleThe following 16 quotes are taken from an article in Psychology Today by Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.   She hoped in writing the article to help seniors think more positively about their own aging and to gain a better perspective on ways to live as productively and as long as they can.
Continue reading “16 Inspiring Quotes About Aging”