pen at the ready If you have read any of the content to be found on this blog and on the associated SMM BC websites, then you have seen how Barry Welford can develop rich content that is search engine visible and is so engaging that people share it on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. You can have him work on your behalf with the same success.

If you need speech writing services, then this too is available.  Whatever the size of audience, whether it be a keynote address or something to motivate the work team, Barry Welford has been there and done that and can work with you on a polished presentation.

You may notice that some of the SMM blogs feature guest posts by others. All of these have been edited to a greater or lesser extent by Barry Welford to ensure the end result has the same high quality and online visibility to be found in the works of Barry Welford.

What We Deliver

Barry Welford has a long experience as a skillful writer with an enquiring and creative mind. He is determined to avoid creating same-old/same-old articles and strives for a fresh approach in all he writes. He is highly organized and dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Once agreement is reached then you will receive the material as specified and on time.

As an added bonus, where appropriate, Barry Welford can bring extra social media attention to anything on line.

What We Can Do For You

For a longer description of this Freelance Writing service, please visit the Freelancing service web page on the SMM BC website. There you will also find payment arrangements for this service.

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