Seniors are beggared to give PM Harper his balanced budget

In the intense scrutiny that the Duffy trial is receiving during this pre-election campaign period, a very important report surfaced that has not received the attention it should. It concerns a Finance Canada review of Canada’s retirement system, that says Canada scores poorly among OECD countries. CBC News obtained a heavily censored copy of the internal document under the Access to Information Act. They published a summary with the title Document raises questions about Harper retirement policies. It makes for very chilling reading for Canadian seniors. Continue reading “Seniors are beggared to give PM Harper his balanced budget”

Live long, live well

live long live wellWith so many living longer, it is important to do the right things that will give you a full and fulfilling life. Eating right and exercising are key activities in that plan. Even more fundamental is ensuring your finances don’t run out before you are ready to go. The infographic below provides some important considerations that you should take into account. Continue reading “Live long, live well”

Baby Boomers Are Changing Insurance and Retirement Issues Globally

baby boomersDuring and post the World War Two Era there was an increased volume of infants born in the United States and other countries worldwide. This boom was probably caused by numerous factors. The fact remains that there was a population explosion during this time that the world has never before witnessed or probably may never witness in our lifetime again. The Insurance Industry at this point in time is starting to face one of the largest stress tests that it will ever face, since it came into being. This stress test can be called the Baby Boomer Factor. Continue reading “Baby Boomers Are Changing Insurance and Retirement Issues Globally”

Crowdfunding to help what the crowd cares about

cureLauncher magnetic pad

As USA Today points out, Crowdfunding is more than just creative money.   Crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe are helping students by providing alternative funding sources for a multitude of needs.

However as an earlier USA Today article had pointed out, crowdfunding sites are now paying medical bills and raising hopes. Continue reading “Crowdfunding to help what the crowd cares about”

Critical Illness Affects Family Life

This is a guest post by Cedric Loiselle.

A critical illness is a sudden, unexpected, and often life-threatening occurrence for both the patient and the family.  It threatens the steady state of internal equilibrium usually maintained in the family unit. It can be an acute illness or trauma, an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness, or an acute episode of a previously unknown problem. Continue reading “Critical Illness Affects Family Life”

Grab those Senior Discounts

This is a guest post by Monta Fleming.

This year in my life has brought about changes, changes I had not foreseen. After all, how much power can a single digit have? Having a senior moment took on a whole new meaning to me this year. I turned 55. But what puzzles me is how everyone knows I turned 55? Continue reading “Grab those Senior Discounts”

Money-Saving Car Insurance Tips for Seniors

This is a guest post by Kathleen Solares.

As a card-carrying senior, you are probably fed up with all the negative stereotypes about older drivers. Several high-profile accidents in recent years have unfairly blemished older drivers’ reputations, and you may have noticed your insurance premiums increase as a result. Of course, your golden years are the worst possible time for your insurance company to start gouging you: you’ve retired, you’re probably living on a fixed income, and you want to relax with your loved ones without having to worry about your finances day-in and day-out. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways that you can start saving money on your car insurance right away.   Continue reading “Money-Saving Car Insurance Tips for Seniors”

4 Money Making Tips For Retired People

This is a guest post by Catherine Howarth.

Retirement for many is a time of rest and relaxation, but for others it is a time to explore the world and experience what life has to offer.

However, such exploration requires a little financial backing, which of course without a job isn’t going to be easy. You could wait for that winning lottery ticket, or success with the Pools, but there are quicker, more reliable ways of raising a little extra money during your retirement years. Continue reading “4 Money Making Tips For Retired People”