Falls: Everything Seniors Need to Know to Prevent Them

One of the greatest threats to a senior’s health and wellbeing is actually something completely avoidable – falls. While the accidents themselves rarely lead to death, they can cause painful injuries that can take a considerable amount of time to heal. On top of this, the injuries can actually result in fatalities, often up to a year after the fall has taken place. Continue reading “Falls: Everything Seniors Need to Know to Prevent Them”

Seniors’ and Special Needs resources from seniorcarehelper

Susan Williams of Senior Care Helper is keenly interested in helping empower people with knowledge.  She prepared this list of seniors’ and special needs resources for an upcoming library newsletter and graciously passed them along to us. Continue reading “Seniors’ and Special Needs resources from seniorcarehelper”

Strategies for fostering cooperation when caring for the elderly

This article is contributed by Jason Phillips.

Huge improvements in medicine and surgical techniques have enabled many people to live much longer than was previously possible. However, living longer increases the chances of needing some assistance with everyday tasks; this can apply whether your aging relative is simply struggling to cope or has any number of ailments affecting their ability to look after themselves.

Providing care for a loved one and be a time consuming, emotionally draining task; but usually one that is ultimately very rewarding. Perhaps the biggest issue of providing care is deciding how to persuade someone to accept care when they are resistant to the idea. Continue reading “Strategies for fostering cooperation when caring for the elderly”

The challenges that caregivers face

The New York Times suggests that given the need that seniors have for human contact, this can nevertheless be fulfilled by other modern technology. Thankfully someone writing to the editor has pointed out the importance of human contact.

That is easy to say but can mean real challenges for whoever will provide that contact. The infographic below highlights the challenges and is a worthwhile read for anyone who is a caregiver or who needs a caregiver. Continue reading “The challenges that caregivers face”

10 reasons why seniors sometimes don’t eat properly

appetizing meals

Guest contribution by Peter Smith.

Caring for an older relative can be hard work – and one of the hardest parts is often trying to ensure they’ve eaten enough, or eaten the right foods. A good start to solving this problem is to figure out just exactly why they aren’t eating properly – there are lots of potential reasons for it, and narrowing it down can help you target the source of the issue. Here are ten reasons seniors sometimes don’t eat properly: Continue reading “10 reasons why seniors sometimes don’t eat properly”

Top 10 Things to Prepare the House for an Aging Adult

seniorThis article is contributed by Charlie Kimball.

Just as new parents have to baby-proof their homes for safety, it’s often necessary to elder-proof the home. With a bit of planning and a few accoutrements, the transition can be smooth as silk. Here are the top 10 items that you can install in your home to make it safer for your loved one. Continue reading “Top 10 Things to Prepare the House for an Aging Adult”

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare

ACA Medicare doctorThis article is contributed by Emily Newhook.

News coverage of Affordable Care Act – or “Obamacare” – seems relentless, but many people still have difficulty figuring out exactly how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect them personally. This is especially true for Medicare beneficiaries. There is plenty of misinformation and confusion as to what parts of the ACA apply to Medicare beneficiaries and how this government program will change under the new law.

So what should you know as the administration begins to implement the ACA? We’ve answered a list of common questions to set the record straight. Continue reading “Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare”

Helping Seniors Adjust to New Settings

care homeWhen one of your parents or grandparents reaches the age where living alone is difficult and even dangerous, it is time for them to move into an assisted living center or a nursing home. This is done because the care that they get there can help them in many ways, but they may be resistive to the idea anyway. A lot of this stems from the fact that they just do not like the shift to a new setting, out of the home that they have loved for years. Even if they are moving into very comfortable accommodation like the Barlavington Manor residential care home center, they still might need some help adjusting to the new living situation. There are a few key ways in which you can assist them. Continue reading “Helping Seniors Adjust to New Settings”

Does your gray hair send a message

gray haired lady
courtesy of http://pixabay.com/en/old-lady-old-gray-hair-grandmother-208723/

The Forbes 2014 list of trustworthy celebrities shows a group of 10 people all over 50 and some very much so. That might suggest that gray hair is a sign of trustworthiness. If so, and if you are beginning to show traces of gray, then you may wish to let the truth be out and leave those gray hairs untouched. Continue reading “Does your gray hair send a message”

Some Productive Ways To Spend Your Time When You’re Bed Bound

being bed-bound

This is a guest post by Sam Peters.

Being stuck in bed is no-one’s idea of fun and can in fact be very damaging to your self-esteem, never mind to your fitness, your relationships and your career.

But being bed ridden does have upsides and if you’re going to survive the experience you need to focus on these rather than the negatives. In particular, being stuck in bed gives you time which you can then use to accomplish a whole range of things and to develop yourself in a variety of ways. Read on and we’ll look at some of the most productive and effective ways you can spend your time stuck in bed. Continue reading “Some Productive Ways To Spend Your Time When You’re Bed Bound”