5 Ways To Make Your Community A Safer Place To Live

communityThis article is contributed by Michael Ferraro.

Living in a pleasant community is something that many of us take for granted but for many individuals and families, even their own neighbourhoods are far from peaceful places. The only real way to ensure that your own community is a safe place to bring up your family is to dedicate your own time and efforts into creating something special. This article takes a look at several ways in which you and your friends and family can do your bit to make your neck of the woods a thriving and pleasant place to live and to visit.

Community Affairs 

If you have one of these already established in your locality, do the right thing and get in touch with them straight away. These guys and gals should know all about the ins and outs of your community and will be happy to help put your mind at rest. See if there are any relevant programs that are in place and offer your own services to help things run smoothly. Look for neighbourhood watch schemes and any church run organisations that will be useful to have onside.

Check Online

search community

Do an online search for any community orientated programs that include safety training, restoration projects and youth support schemes. The best way to awaken the community spirit is to have something in place to attract likeminded citizens to come and join you. Explain that all you really want to do is give something back to the community and the responses may well surprise you!

Be Neighbourly


Introduce yourself to the neighbours you don’t already know and see if you can arrange some kind of meeting over at your house. Ask them for their ideas and remember to offer some ice drinks and snacks in return for their attendance, because this could be the start of something really worthwhile.

Involve Yourself

get involved

If you happen to find a community program that is already up and running, get involved and see what you can bring to the table. Be enthusiastic but try not to take over because that will only prove to alienate you and defeat the whole purpose.

Be Proud Of Your Community

have pride

If you go about your business with passion and determination, this will rub off on the other neighbours and your community will soon be far healthier as a result.

Security Matters


One of the biggest problems that modern neighbourhoods face today is the fear of violence and the only way to beat this scourge is by taking suitable security measures. You can help to achieve this objective by asking for better lighting systems to be installed as well as looking into setting up a community centre. Liaise with the local government and run a campaign to ask for extra spending for all security aspects to be upgraded in your neighbourhood. Speak to the local police and ask if they can reinstate a community officer to show his or her face, the difference that this type of action makes can be pretty amazing.

Good Luck!

If only there were more citizens like you, the communities around our country would be far safer so give yourself a big pat on the back!

Author Bio:  Michael Ferraro is a freelance blogger, currently writing for Brotherhood of St Laurence, leading op shop in Melbourne. Michael is an art lover and is frequently seen at various exhibitions on weekends.

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