Helping Seniors Adjust to New Settings

care homeWhen one of your parents or grandparents reaches the age where living alone is difficult and even dangerous, it is time for them to move into an assisted living center or a nursing home. This is done because the care that they get there can help them in many ways, but they may be resistive to the idea anyway. A lot of this stems from the fact that they just do not like the shift to a new setting, out of the home that they have loved for years. Even if they are moving into very comfortable accommodation like the Barlavington Manor residential care home center, they still might need some help adjusting to the new living situation. There are a few key ways in which you can assist them.

1. Bring in familiar decorations.

It often helps to decorate their room or apartment with things from their home, such as paintings, framed family photos and the like. This transforms the room into something that actually feels like their own, helping them to feel more comfortable in it. You are not going to have room for everything from their house, but just getting a few key items can make a huge difference. It can also be helpful to get their own furniture – like their bed frame, their sofa or a small kitchen table – for the new apartment.

2. Have family members visit often.

A large part of the issue for many seniors is that they suddenly feel like they are living around a lot of people that they do not know. They just want to see some familiar faces. It is good to have someone go over there every week and visit so that they do not feel like you have forgotten about them. Some families even make up rotating schedules so that someone drops by – just for an hour or so – every day.

3. Ask them if they have any complaints.

Seniors are often too kind to tell the staff at one of these places if they have a complaint about the way the facility is run. However, they may be more than willing to tell you about the little things that they wish were done differently. You can then pass that information along to the staff, and they will be glad to make whatever changes are necessary to help the senior feel more pleased with their new situation.

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