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The Forbes 2014 list of trustworthy celebrities shows a group of 10 people all over 50 and some very much so. That might suggest that gray hair is a sign of trustworthiness. If so, and if you are beginning to show traces of gray, then you may wish to let the truth be out and leave those gray hairs untouched.

Provided your hair is healthy, then a touch of gray can also be viewed as an attractive feature. It may even give you a more authoritative appearance. In addition, it may remind people of the wealth of experience you have, and possibly suggest there is a wise head on those shoulders.

Of course, not everyone is convinced by that argument, and particularly for women, some may choose some method to hide that gray or at least make it less obvious.

There are a number of methods to choose from and one of them even helps to reverse the process by which the hair becomes gray. Apparently, as we age we produce less of the catalase enzyme, a key component that breaks down hydrogen peroxide, a free radical that causes our hair to grey. If you have low levels of catalase, it will take some time for this situation to be reversed. If you would like more information on what can be done, then this website can provide this.

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