5 Important Things You Need To Do Once A Parent Passes Away

parentThis article is contributed by Jennie Peters.

Nobody wants to lose a parent because they’ve been with us right from the start. You desperately want them to be there until the end too, but it doesn’t always happen. Do you have any idea what you should do once your parent has passed away? It’s tricky to pull yourself together at the time, so take a look at some of these suggestions and you’ll have a better idea of what to do when the time comes.

Get rid of their junk


Once your parent is gone you don’t want to keep all their junk. Take their clothes and give them away to a charity shop. Do the same with all their furniture you don’t need. You don’t want to build a shrine to them in your attic because it’s going to hurt more than it will help you. That doesn’t mean you need to throw everything out. You should definitely keep everything that holds special meaning to you. The only things you want to get rid of are things which are of no possible use.

Write things down


As the years pass by you’ll start to forget about some things. You won’t forget your parents or the nice times you spent together, but you might forget about funny things they used to say. What they did in certain situations could slip your mind. If you write everything down on a piece of paper you will be able to look at it when you want to cheer yourself up. If you don’t write anything down you will occasionally remember new things, but the memories won’t come flooding back at the same time.

Quiz your family members

family members

There is a good chance some family members will know more about your parents than you ever did. If they had a brother or sister they will have lots of stories about them growing up. You’ve probably been told a few funny stories in the past, but now is your chance to learn more about them when they were a child. There will also be lots of other things you don’t know about their life as an adult because I’m sure you weren’t attached to them 24hrs per day.

The end doesn’t matter


You need to forget about the end of their life as soon as they are gone. If they were sick before they passed away they obviously weren’t themselves. You want to remember them for the good times you shared rather than the bad times. If you didn’t speak to them before they died it’s not your fault. You’re also not to blame if you weren’t at the hospital with them when they took their last breathe. If you decide to focus on the good times you’ll feel better much quicker.

Wild emotions are normal


Don’t be afraid of going a little crazy because wild emotions are normal. Some people don’t mourn straight away, so there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t shed any tears at their funeral. If you get angry you just need to scream then forget about it. Why would you not feel angry if they were taken away from you at a young age? The most important thing is to get everything out of your system as quickly as possible because your emotions will have to calm down eventually.

What would they want?

I’m sure your mom or dad would be looking down on you and they’d be praying your life gets back on track after the funeral. As long as you keep them in your memory they’ll always be with you. Hopefully the things we’ve looked at today will help greatly in the future.

Author Bio: Jennie Peters works at Abbey Cremation, providers of affordable cremation services in CT. Jennie loves knitting for her kids, Sam and Jamie whenever she gets time.

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