Things you need to know when buying a stairlift

straight stair liftThis is a guest post by Brian Black.

A stairlift is no small decision, if you’re considering one then you’re probably finding that stairs have become a huge strain on your body. Joints and muscles are troubled by such strenuous efforts especially when you need to go up and down them throughout the day.

When you begin looking at stairlifts there are five key things you need to know before you make a purchase. To help you in your decision making you can find the essential things to consider below.

Will my walls support a stairlift?

Your walls are not what the stairlift is attached to – so yes! Instead it will be laid on brackets which will be fixed to the stairs, therefore there are no issues when it comes to the weight of the system and the strength of the walls in your home. Many people make the mistake of thinking the stairlift is attached to the wall but by using the stairs as the base it makes the ride smoother and more stable.

How much will it cost?

When you ask this question there are many factors to take into consideration. The first is about how complex your stairlift needs to be. For example, a lift which has to negotiate its way around a curved staircase or a corner will be more than your standard installation, this is because a bespoke fitting will cost more and take longer to fit.

The other kind of cost is the running cost, and while it might seem like a big drain on your funds you’ll find that modern stairlifts are far more energy efficient than their older counterparts. They are of a lower voltage and work much like any other appliance in the house so shouldn’t leave you with huge bills.

Is the installation tricky?

This again depends on what kind of stairlift you have, but generally it shouldn’t take any longer than 2-4 hours.  If you have a bespoke design it will need more ingenuity from the installers to get things right. Generally the dimensions and layout will be figured out before the day of installation so everything should slot into place.

The installation shouldn’t be messy either, the brackets rest on the stairs themselves and are fixed into place with a few screws. A dedicated team will ensure that no damage is done to your property when they fit your stairlift.

Will it stop suddenly?

Power cuts happen from time to time and no one wants to be stranded in the middle of the stairs in the pitch black. That’s why modern stairlifts have a battery charge which works in tandem with the electricity supply, when the power is cut off you can still get several trips up and down the stairs.

Are stairlifts all the same?

It would be impossible for every stairlift to be exactly the same, think about how many houses differ from street to street and you’ll understand the need for bespoke dimensions of stairlifts. It’s not just the ride up which is different in each home either; the seats themselves need to be of differing sizes as well to cater for everyone.

Author Bio: Brian Black works with Stechford Mobility; based in Birmingham, UK, who supply all manner of mobility aids throughout the West Midlands area.


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