Secrets Of The Retirement Home – Getting A Good Picture And More

care homeThis is a guest post by Walter Demas.

Your loved one is in a retirement home and you want to make sure you get a great picture of where they’re staying. This isn’t about being nosy it’s about being careful, especially in the light of recent care home scandals in the UK.

You also want to know what goes on in most retirement homes to alleviate some of your concerns. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the secrets of the retirement home.

Visit on a Saturday Evening

The best time to visit a care home is at about 6:00pm on a Saturday evening, after dinner has already been cleared away. All the managers have gone home and everyone is getting ready to end the night. On a Sunday is when most people decide to visit and during the rest of the week there are usually managers and all sorts of people coming to visit.

This is the ideal time to find out what’s really going on away from the blatant self-promotion and airbrushed view of the home.

Quality of Life over Quantity

Your retirement home isn’t a hospital. It’s not there just to prolong life for no good reason. Quality is more important than quantity. Would you rather have two years of non-stop fun or ten years of abject boredom? The chances are the former is the life you want to live.

If you put someone who can’t take care of themselves into a home this doesn’t mean their quality of life goes out the window. They can still enjoy cheeky treats which aren’t necessarily good for their health. As long as they understand the risks, they can do what they want.

Dealing with Relatives

Eventually, your loved one will die in the home. Sometimes they might even have certain legal events which require your attention. Retirement homes often struggle to find out who to communicate with. Just because one member of the family constantly visits doesn’t mean they have the power to act legally on their behalf.

State clearly who the home should communicate with for legal reasons so as to not make things more complicated. And this could be someone who doesn’t even live in the same area of the country.

Problems Continue

We all know about the poor wages care staff have to put up with compared to the amount of effort they put in. This doesn’t stop problems from happening, though. If you notice a problem you might feel bad about raising the issue. So many relatives and residents will talk themselves out of raising a problem due to sympathetic feelings for the staff and not wanting to cause conflict.

This is entirely the wrong way to go about it. Think about the amount of money you’re paying for care. It’s hundreds of pounds every week. You have a right to demand a high level of care and good service. You shouldn’t have to put up with anything you don’t like. They aren’t doing you a favour by providing care. They’re providing a service and they’re obligated to provide this service correctly.

Author Bio: Walter Demas is a healthcare professional and a certified yoga instructor. He writes health, yoga and beauty related articles in his spare time. He finds the care homes in East Sussex really comfortable and recommends them to his readers.

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