Are Hearing Tests Necessary Before Purchasing a Hearing Aid

hearing test necessaryThis is a guest post by Jamie Knop.

If we had to answer this question with a one word reply, the word we would say is “yes”. This may sound like a somewhat silly question, but for many people who fear they are losing their hearing, it is unclear exactly what a hearing aid does and how to go about purchasing one.

The whole process can be somewhat confusing at times, especially if you’ve never had a hearing aid (or even a hearing test) before. Essentially, you don’t necessarily have to get a hearing test done before going to purchase a hearing aid but, as it makes things so much easier, we would certainly recommend that you do.

The main thing is that you really don’t want to get a model of hearing aid that doesn’t work too well for you; there are many different types on the market, each designed with different results in mind – you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for you, otherwise you’ll have wasted your time and money.

Here’s what you should know before buying – forewarned is forearmed!

You Need to Know What Sort of Hearing Loss You’re Suffering From

The sub-heading says it all, really – there are a number of different types of hearing loss, and a hearing test will help you understand what you are suffering with. For a start, your hearing loss may not require a hearing aid whatsoever; it can be caused by something as simple as excess ear wax, in which case removing it would clear up the problem! You’d have just bought a hearing aid for no reason.

You should definitely go for a hearing test. Getting it checked would have found the above wax problem and given you a solution for it. A trained audiologist will be able to recommend the best method for you based on their extensive experience and knowledge.

Keep in mind that if you suffer from tinnitus, no hearing aid will be able to get rid of that pesky ringing. Sorry!

Know What Happens in a Standard Hearing Test

It seems as though a surprisingly large number of people are scared or nervous when it comes to getting their hearing tested, perhaps because they think there might be some pain involved, as there often is in dental appointments.

This is simply not the case – hearing tests are quick, easy, and one hundred per cent painless. Making an appointment is as simple as giving your local audiologist a call. It really is no hassle at all.

As for the test itself, they usually start off with a quick chat. You and your audiologist will discuss your medical history and your lifestyle, to determine which factors are potentially putting you at risk, and then you’ll be played a series of sounds in a wide range of pitches and volumes, responding each time you hear them.

The results will be charted up, and from this the audiologist will determine your range of hearing. After this, you’ll either be free to go, or you’ll be recommended a shiny new hearing aid. That’s all there is to it!

Author Bio:  Jamie Knop is a blogger and health writer writing on behalf of Boots Hearingcare, a UK hearing aid specialist.

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