How Respite Home Care Can Help Everyone Involved In The Care Process

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This is a guest post by Louisa Jenkins.

Many people acting as the carer for their vulnerable friend or relative go to great lengths to take care of them while at the same time forgetting something quite fundamental – their own wellbeing.

Looking after a friend or relative can really drain a carer and, if you are not careful, can end up putting your own health in jeopardy. This does not benefit anyone, as not only do you risk becoming ill yourself, but you also risk your friend’s or relative’s health too – which goes totally against all the hard work you have done in taking care of them.

In this post, I discuss how respite home care can be a great way for the carer to take a break from their duty, while also providing their relative with the comfort of being at home.

What Is Respite Care and More Specifically Respite Home Care?

Respite by definition is a short rest or break from a task that is usually difficult. Of course, most carers acknowledge their role of looking after a friend or relative is difficult, but carry on regardless as it is important to them.

Respite care offers them a break from this duty, while at the same time providing care for the loved one involved. Typically this would involve going into a care home, this is known as residential care. However, there is also the option for someone to come to the person’s home to provide care. This is known as respite home care.

How Can It Help Me?

For the carer, respite home care can be beneficial as it provides a break away from their usual duty while also giving them the peace of mind that the friend or relative they care for is able to stay in the comfort of their own home and receive care from a trained professional at the same time.

Of course being in the familiar territory of home has many advantages for the person who is being cared for.  Not only do they know the general setting, but they are perhaps able to chat with the person sent in to care for them about things relating to their home. This can be a great way to break any misgivings of a new person entering the care environment as we all like to talk about proud moments, children or grandchildren and other such things.

Home respite care gives that comfort, but firms providing care staff will also look for the most compatible staff members too, ensuring that they always have common interests to talk about.

Aside from their care duties, the staff will also do other day to day things including washing and cleaning and even cooking.

For a carer looking after a relative then, respite home care can be the perfect way for them to take a hard earned rest, without having to stress over their loved one.

Author Bio: Louisa Jenkins is a care advisor who provides advice on UK care options available, including respite home care and short term care.

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