Recommended Dog Breeds For Elderly Companions

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This is a guest post by Susan Wright.

Dogs have supplied us lots of affection, laughter and support for decades; from ages zero to 100 plus. If you’re an elder and have been wondering about adopting a buddy for yourself or for an older loved one, you will be providing a enormous benefit to your (or their) value of life. Research has revealed that dog owners live longer than people who do not spend their time with these delightful four-legged canines. They can help lower stress, improve your mood and preserve your health.

Now you know of all the reasons why dogs are valuable but which breed is the best choice for someone in, or entering, their later years? We’ve completed the research and found five of the best dog breeds for a senior owner.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is a gorgeous, tiny dog that is extremely wanted for all of its fantastic qualities. Yorkies are a dedicated companion that has a tender, yet mischievous attitude. Yorkies can live well in small areas like apartments and condominiums and will love playing fetch in the living room or snuggling up for cuddle time. In addition to the exercise they’ll get inside, a routine walk through the neighborhood is great to keep this pup in top-notch shape. Grooming for a Yorkie is a little high maintenance, compared to other breeds. They must have their coat brushed every day to keep their sleek appearance and avoid tangling their hair. Occasional trips to a dog groomer are suggested to keep their coat short and healthy. An advantage to normal grooming is their coat is less likely to shed – perfect for allergy sufferers. Even though the Yorkie is calm in nature, they sense hazards and will bark to warn of the situation, making them an excellent look out dog.

Yorkie At-a-Glance 
• Size: up to 7 lbs
• Attitude: good-natured, loving & kind
• Exercise: Low

Miniature Schnauzer

miniature schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer has a childish curiosity that keeps their energy level high for tons of play time. They live well in both an apartment and a home, but enjoy running around outdoors. Because of their curiosity it’s a good idea to have a safety boundary, like an invisible fence, for their outside play. While they adore running, Schnauzers easily familiarize themselves to inside living. Their energy can be engaged with toys. On top of being a vigorous companion, the miniature schnauzer is very loving, faithful and an excellent watchdog. Grooming for the schnauzer’s non shedding coat is modest. They must have their hair brushed every couple days and groomed about each two months.

Miniature Schnauzer At-a-Glance
•Size: up to 15 lbs
•Attitude: Curious, energetic & friendly
•Exercise: Moderate

Italian Greyhound

italian grayhound

For an energetic senior, an Italian Greyhound is a perfect match. They crave room to exercise and play – but you have to be cautious as they can be escape artists! Keep them on their leash when on walks and if you let them run around outside, make sure you include safety boundaries, like an invisible fence, to keep them out of danger’s way. If taken for routine exercise outside daily, they can become accustomed to living in an apartment or condominium. Italian Greyhounds are extremely loving, playful and shy — they will take time to become comfortable with strangers. These gorgeous dogs become incredibly fond of their owners. As for their grooming, they are very low maintenance needing only sporadic brushings. They are not known for shedding.

Italian Greyhound At-A-Glance
•Size: Up to 10 lbs
•Attitude: shy, friendly & playful
•Exercise: High



If you are searching for a dog to cuddle up with while you enjoy a good book or watch television, a Pomeranian is the perfect companion. This breed is very loyal to its owner, but first they have to learn who the boss is. Their exercise requirements are very low, needing only to go on neighborhood walks – they are recognized as the ideal lap dog. Their petite size and low exercise requirements make apartment and condo living an ease. They can be a little boisterous, particularly around strangers, making them an outstanding watchdog. Grooming wise, they do shed their coat and require to be brushed a couple times a week along with sporadic visits to the groomer.

Pomeranian At-a-Glance
•Size: Up to 7 lbs
•Attitude: intelligent, loyal & playful
•Exercise: Low



Pugs are a delightful breed that have a calm behavior, and strive to please their owners. They enjoy attention and will win you over with their dedication and playful affection. Pugs adore going for walks outside and will simply get along with other neighborhood dogs. They are appropriate for apartment and condominium living as long as they obtain daily exercise. Even though they have short hair, the Pug will shed and needs weekly brushing to decrease unwanted shedding.

Pug At-a-Glance
•Size: Up to 18 lbs
•Attitude: Calm, dedicated & playful
•Exercise: Moderate

Author Bio: Dr. Susan Wright, DMV is a professional on dog training collars. Susan has been giving care for pets as a practising veterinarian for more than 10 years. As an authority on domestic pet care, Susan likes writing articles that help people make informed decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Recommended Dog Breeds For Elderly Companions”

  1. My wife and I are seniors looking for a Yorkie terrier or similar.
    An adult or senior would be nice. House trained- vet checked.
    Low key, lovable- like to be handled. We have a nice house and
    yard to walk him to. We live in New Ulm Minnesota.
    He or she would be spoiled. A male preferred since we have an 8yr male Jack Russel terrier.


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