Retirement is recreation time

thinking about choicesThis is a guest post by Pete Thompson.

Retirement provides the perfect opportunity to finally let loose and be that little bit more self-indulgent than we could previously afford to be during our working life. Without the responsibility of rising early every morning to get to work five days a week, or making sure the kids are well behaved on the way to school, many people take the time to explore new leisure activities.


The ability to take trips away whenever you feel like it is completely liberating. No longer are the confines of expensive peak prices forced upon you by school term times or the inability to string together adequate days off from work. Cheap flights and hotels are often available at the very last minute; with retirees rightly enjoying this freedom to holiday when-and-where they feel like it.

relaxing on the beach

Learning a new language could be a fun and useful venture if you are planning on holidaying in the same country quite a lot. Who knows, it could even lead to relocating there permanently if that should take your fancy!


Ever wanted to take up something like say … golf? Whereas golf was once the territory of the professionals and the businessman, now everyone can enjoy 18 holes – provided they own a snazzy jumper.

quiet game of golf

Many turn to sports such as golf as a new hobby and it is easy to see why. The social nature of the sport combines perfectly with the relative solitude – something not easily achieved.

Whatever sport you choose to participate in, the hours are now available to seriously invest in practice and training – after all, physical fitness is vitally important for people of all ages.


Many venues, such as cinemas and sports stadiums offer significantly reduced ticket rates for OAPs, opening up a vast network of possibilities.

watching a baseball game

The reduced prices with a sports team you have supported your entire life will be a welcome break, and may even allow you to experience more of their games than you previous could enjoy.  Many venues set up specific events designed with seniors in mind, providing the ideal meeting place for social experiences.


Home improvement is something we continually work upon through our lives, whether that is from small adjustments or large scale redesigns.

do it yourself

Delving into the world of DIY can admittedly be intimidating at first, but with the time to dedicate to learning these skills yourself can be incredibly fulfilling and allows complete personalisation of your home.


You might see the suggestions here as various forms of recreation.  Bear in mind that you can spell that with a hyphen and perhaps it takes on a whole new meaning for you. Let the new you really live life to the full and you’ll have many more years to enjoy who you are.

Author Bio: Pete Thompson writes on behalf of Annuity Supermarket – a UK-based retirement finance company.

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