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As USA Today points out, Crowdfunding is more than just creative money.   Crowdfunding services like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe are helping students by providing alternative funding sources for a multitude of needs.

However as an earlier USA Today article had pointed out, crowdfunding sites are now paying medical bills and raising hopes.

More people are turning to crowdfunding sites to ask friends, and friends of friends, for help with medical bills, accident costs and much more. But the surprise is that strangers give too. This is big money we are talking about. An estimated $2.8 billion was raised in the US by all types of crowdfunding websites in 2012.

An example of such a health related fund is This is an online community that raises money for cancer treatments and medical research. Perhaps it can best be described as like a Kickstarter for cancer treatments.

Through their funding, patients can benefit from tomorrow’s cures earlier than might have been possible. They also connect cancer patients to free life-saving clinical trials. Through such research, hopefully breast cancer cures will be found much earlier.

The projects on cureLauncher are all National Institutes of Health-caliber. They only work with world-class medical and technology projects that save lives and reduce suffering.
The medical researchers involved are leaders in their field.

Recently, cureLauncher was featured on CBS MoneyWatch.  The program noted that only 16% of donations go to new cancer treatments in some charities. With cureLauncher, 91% of contributions go directly to new cures for cancer. The remaining 9% is divided between credit card processing (3%), and a service fee (6%).  This means that more is going to the people who need it, the researchers developing lifesaving medical treatments and cancer cures.

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