Get Your Medication Online, But Be Careful


This is a guest post by Michelle Winters.

Purchasing your prescription medicine online is great for most people: it’s easy, it’s often cheaper than going to the local pharmacy, and your medication gets shipped directly to your door. For most people who need regularly-filled prescriptions, online pharmacies can get the prescription annually and send the medication out at regular intervals, meaning you only need to go to the site and order their prescription once a year.

While this is a wonderful set-up and should be utilized, it’s important to know that there are possible dangers that could hurt those who aren’t careful.

Possible Scams

Most online pharmacies are legitimate, but there are still plenty of sites out there trying to take your money and sensitive information in order to use it against your wishes. They may take your money and send you cheap counterfeit medication or nothing at all. They might sell your information to other sites, opening you up to spam and other headaches.

While this is somewhat rare, it does happen, and the only way to keep yourself safe is to find a site that is legitimate and will get you the medications you need while keeping your information secure. When looking for online pharmacies, stick to company names you know or use the list put out by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which stays up-to-date on safe online pharmacies. Further, check the site to ensure they have trusted safety measures in place to keep your data secure-look for a VeriSign logo or other well-known security company sign on the site. Taking these measures will keep you safe.

Medication Dangers


Ingesting the wrong medication, or a prescription that’s been mistreated, could put your health at risk. When you receive a new refill of your medication, no matter where you get it from, always check it carefully against your older medicine to ensure that it’s the same. Mix-ups sometimes happen, and if you try to get medicine from an unsafe online site, such as one that offers medication at an incredibly low price or without a prescription, you need to guard against counterfeit medicine. By taking the time to compare your old and your new versions very closely, you can help guard yourself against these dangers.

You also need to worry about your medicine’s temperature range when having it shipped, as many medications become less effective when they get too hot or cold. While shippers tend to keep packages at consistent temperatures, a prescription left in the mailbox in the middle of summer could sustain damage due to the heat. Knowing what your medication can withstand and being careful to avoid letting it sit in extreme weather conditions will help you stay healthy.

FDA Regulations

The FDA regulates pharmacies and prescription medication sold within the US to ensure that you receive good, safe medicine. By using FDA-approved online pharmacies, you can be confident in your prescription refills. Although pharmacy sites from other countries, including those in Canada, may advertise cheap medication with no prescription required, it’s illegal and not worth the risk. Follow the law and purchase your medicine from FDA-approved sites and you’ll avoid finding yourself in the difficult or dangerous situations that could occur otherwise.

While purchasing medication online can be great and help you save money, it’s definitely not an area where you want to cut corners or try something risky. Keep your money and your medication safe by sticking to quality-controlled US sites, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the ease of purchasing your prescriptions online without having to worry about the dangers of shopping online.

Author Bio: Michelle Winters blogs for Edrugstore.MD where you can find blog posts on the dangers of counterfeit medications.

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