How Soon Will I See Health Benefits If I Quit Smoking?

This is a guest post by Quinton Norrix.

Smoking does long term damage to your body. Some effects are reversible and some are not. The determining factor is how many cigarettes you smoked per day and how long you were a smoker. That being said though, that doesn’t mean you won’t see some immediate benefits if you kick the habit today.


Heart Rate and Blood Flow

In approximately 20 minutes after you crush out your final cigarette, your heart rate and blood pressure will start dropping closer to normal levels. After about 12 hours, the level of carbon monoxide in your blood will drop to normal. After a few months, you should see a great improvement in your overall blood circulation.


Even though health is the primary reason people quit smoking, there are some cosmetic benefits as well. First of all, your clothes will no longer smell like smoke after you wash them. You can whiten your teeth to remove the nicotine stains and they’ll stay white longer. If you have any yellow spots on your skin, they will start to heal and fade away.


Impaired lungs do not heal quickly, but after three months or so you should start seeing improvements such as less gasping for air when you’re climbing steps or moving quickly. Within less than a year you’ll notice that you cough less and you breathe easier because your lungs are able to move mucus out faster. You will also notice a decrease in the number of times that you get sick because your lungs are healing and can fight off infections more effectively. In some cases, the lung damage caused by smoking can be completely reversed within 18 months after you quit.

Long Term Benefits

Everyone likes immediate gratification, but the further away you get from your quit date, the more your general health risks drop. After one year of not smoking, your risk for coronary heart disease drops by 50%. Five years down the road, your stroke and cancer risk levels drop as well. The most obvious risk, the chance of developing lung cancer, drops dramatically. Overall, your long-term health will improve significantly.

Other Benefits

Smoking dulls your senses, so you will notice that your taste buds will be sharper and food will taste better, which is one reason why many people put on some extra weight after they quit smoking. Your sense of smell will improve as well and you’ll notice that you are more sensitive to strong odors than you were before. For some people these two senses improve almost immediately, but for some people it takes longer.

Addictions are hard to face, but there are so many good reasons to quit smoking and no good reason to continue. Don’t just think about what happens the day after you quit, consider the long-term impact it will have on your life. After all, who doesn’t want to live a long, healthy and happy life?

Author Bio: Quinton Norrix works as an ultrasound technician and has seen first-hand how quickly the heart and lungs can recover when a person quits smoking. Want to learn more about this rewarding career field? Visit!

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