5 Ways To Live Life To The Fullest In Your Old Age

This is a guest post by Jane Thomas.

One morning, you know how to make coffee and the next, the buttons seem not to make sense. It was just yesterday that you had black hair so the grey spots on your head that you saw this morning must not belong to you. You go to work on Monday morning and you find your granddaughter’s classmate is the new intern. Huh? Then it dawns on you that yes, you are growing old.

It is nothing to worry about, be ashamed of or even hide. Wear old age with pride! You may not be able to do the things you once did but this does not mean life is different. It just has a few changes along the way, so embrace them with joy.

To enjoy your sunset years, have the following areas of your life in mind to avoid feeling too old.

1. The truth/reality

The first step is acceptance. Accept and embrace your years. Do not dress as a twenty year old when you are in your fifties or start hanging out with the bachelors at work. It does not reduce your years but makes them more visible. Do not ignore the trip to the doctor’s or fight getting a wheel chair if you need one. These things just enhance your living making it easier.

Look at yourself in the mirror and accept that you are growing old. You have a good life; you have seen the years and are endowed with wisdom.

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2. The food

Take good care of your body and it will serve you well. It is time you gave up the bottle and the puffing. Your doctor will recommend the foods suited for your body but generally keep the fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water to keep your body well hydrated. Water makes you feel less tired and enables your body to keep the right amount of body fluids. You can indulge in the sweet the fatty and the meaty but do so in moderation.

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Take them once in a while and do not take them on their own. Include them in your meal, for instance in your desert or meat, as part of the meal. Refrain from taking a sugary snack or a meaty meal alone. These will get your blood sugar high and your heart racing. With everything in moderation, you will enjoy eating to the fullest.

A great idea to ensure you meet your nutritional needs is having your own garden. Nothing tastes better than freshly grown vegetables and having the garden will be delightful.

3. The attitude

One change that occurs in old age is the emotional changes. One day you wake up feeling happy and loving life but the next, you are highly irritable.

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To counter these emotional changes make it a matter of mind over body. It always works. Tell yourself positive things such as today is a good day, I love my kids and so forth. When you fill your mind with such thoughts, you will focus on the good and not the bad.

Avoid thinking about the opportunities you missed in life or the bad choice you made. That is in the past so leave it there, enjoy the moment that you have.

Instances will occur when you have a slip of a bad mood or a bad temper. Those are completely normal and nothing to worry about. Record them and note what set you off. When you are aware, you are less likely to repeat the same thing.

4. The lifestyle

A change of lifestyle is necessary but not for the worse. Ensure you find ways to enjoy life that do not exert you. Take the time to go to the movies, to travel and see old friends and relatives. Visit your children, your workmates, nieces and grandchildren. Socializing does well for you and keeps you in touch with the world.

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Do not close yourself off. Get a new hobby and resume old ones. Have fun in your own small way.

5. Your body

Your body may not be as strong as it used to be but it can still handle some subtle exercises. The more you exercise the better your body will function. Do not neglect it, help it out with a few stretches and the morning run. You might just get to see your hundredth year!

Author Bio: Jane Thomas is a trained nurse and owns a nursing home. She has installed stair lifts in the home to ease the movement of the elderly in the facility and hopes more people can treat the seniors with the best respect possible.

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