10 Tips That Can Truly Help To Relieve Joint Pain

This is a guest post by James Hope.

Most people suffer from joint pains at some point in their lives. Whether an injury or other diseases cause the pain, it can be very uncomfortable and it interferes with our daily activities. Some people like athletes feel pain when they over-exert themselves during their training, while others feel the pain even when they have not done much except to watch TV on their couches. It is very important to seek medical advice especially when you have unexplained joint pain that does not go away after two or three days.

Doctors can recommend different treatment plans depending on the cause of the pain, but in many cases, there are things that everyone can do to bring about relief. If you have been suffering from regular joint pain, some of these tips can bring about relief, either short- term or long-term:

1. Lose weight

lose weight now

Overweight individuals are often prone to joint pains as the body bears the stress from the extra weight. The joints have to support more weight than is ideal, which causes pain. Losing weight helps to relieve stress on the joints, which reduces or eliminates the pain.

2. Using heat

healthy sauna

Therapists, when treating joint pain often use heat. Some of the topical products used for pain relief claim to use heat to treat the painful area. Heat can be used in many ways including hot or warm showers or baths, saunas or heating pads.  Applying the heat directly on the problem area can help to bring instant relief.

3. Using ice

If you have an inflammation that is causing the joint pain, icing the joints can be very helpful. The ice helps to reduce the swelling that usually interferes with the healing process. Applying the ice compress immediately the injury occurs can make you feel better almost instantly.

4. Massage

massage eases joint pain

Having a massage from a professional therapist is great for both the joints and the muscles. The massage can bring instant relief as fresh blood is directed to the inflamed joints. A full body massage helps to increase overall relief as the mind relaxes sending positive signals that lead to heightened wellness.

5. Medication

There are different pain relief medications that can lead to short-term relief. Aspirin is often the best option and many doctors will recommend it because of its ability to thin the blood. This enables the blood to move throughout the body more easily, bringing much needed oxygen to the painful areas.

6. Exercise

Physical therapy is very important for people suffering from joint pains. The therapists use exercise to ensure that the joints have increased function and reduced pain. The exercises should be included as part of a regular routine in order to get the full benefits.

7. Stop smoking

stop smoking

People who smoke are more likely to suffer from joint pain than those who do not smoke. Smoking leads to the ingestion of harmful chemicals that get to the joints and the muscles. The chemicals get into the blood stream, interfering with the oxygen that is required for pain relief resulting in increased pain.

8. Herbal supplements

Several supplements in the market help to reduce joint pain. The supplements that include Glucosamine, Niacinamide, Turmeric and ginger, can reduce joint pain and aid in the healing process. It is important to consult your doctor before taking any such supplements.

9. Healthy diet

Healthy Dessert

Your diet plays a very important role in the management of joint pains. Foods that contain Vitamin C and D are essential for a healthy body and functional joints. Foods like fish, nuts, berries and other fruits are very important and should be part of daily nutrition requirements.

10. Visit a chiropractor

A chiropractor is an expert in bones and muscles and visiting one can help to relieve joint pain. It is important to find a chiropractor who is highly qualified and experienced, to avoid aggravating the situation. The experts are able to use different methods to get fresh blood to the joint, which relieves the pain.

These tips can be very useful in reducing joint pain and can be used alongside other treatment methods. All in all, having a healthy overall lifestyle is essential as it helps to increase the body functioning so that you will more easily avoid health issues such as joint pain.

Author Bio: James Hope specializes in treating patients with joint pain and suggests  remedies to avoid the same through his various articles.

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