A Walk-In Bathtub Will Change Your Life

This is a guest post by Seth Stevensons.

Seniors are familiar with aches and pains. A lifetime of work shows up as stiff joints and a little difficulty managing things one used to do with ease. Conventional showers and bathtubs present a bit of difficulty to seniors who cannot stand for long periods or who would have difficulty getting up from sitting on the floor. Showers have slippery surfaces even when shower mats are used, and getting into a bathtub is quite like sitting on the floor.

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The Innovative Walk-In Tub

One of the first things a senior who has difficulty bathing usually gets is a shower chair. It is often made of plastic and aluminum and is nothing more than a chair in a tub. The height of the side of the tub still has to be contended with, and trying to wash off while sitting in a shower chair is an exercise in frustration. The best thing to come along in a long time is the walk-in bathtub.

These tubs are designed for a person to enjoy all the benefits of hot water hydrotherapy with ease of use. The design is elegant and functional. Walk-in tubs are actually higher than conventional tubs. However, there is a door on the side of the tub that makes it easy for a person to get in and out. The door closes and seals watertight. The tubs have a built in seating area that makes it as easy as sitting down and rising from a hard-backed chair.

The Hydrotherapy Jets

Most designs have built in water jets to provide a soothing hydrotherapy massage to sore muscles and joints. Unlike a conventional hot tub spa, a walk-in tub requires no maintenance, will fit in the place of old bathtubs and is easy to get in and out of. Many seniors want the benefits that a spa (hot tub) offers but do not wish to have to go outside and get in one. Plus, spas are just for soaking, not bathing. A walk-in tub installs right in an existing bathroom and makes it easy to enjoy hydrotherapy benefits year round.

The health benefits of walk-in tubs include making daily personal hygiene easier and safer. Imagine sitting upright at chair height surrounded by soothing hot water pulsating through massaging jets. This is one experience that is rejuvenating and looked forward to each day. Walk-in tubs are not just for seniors either. Anyone who has difficulty using a conventional shower or bathtub would benefit from one.

Author Bio: Seth Stevensons is a health blogger and senior health expert. For more information on the health benefits of walk-in tubs please visit walkinbathtubs.com.

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10 thoughts on “A Walk-In Bathtub Will Change Your Life”

  1. When purchasing a walk in tub, remember to ask how fast it will drain. There are many slow draining walk in tub solutions on the market, do not buy one of these. Sitting in a draining tub should not take a long time.

  2. Walk in tubs really can change the way you bath. They have the ability to make your bathing experience more comfortable. Like mentioned in the post there are many innovations in walk in tubs that may attract you.

  3. I’ve never seen a walk-in bathtub before! It looks like a great idea for anyone with mobility problems, like seniors. My mother in law has MS, so it can be hard for her to do certain task on her own. I bet she would benefit from a tub like this. I’ll have to show it to her, and see if she is interested.

  4. I am happy to be learning more about walk in bathtubs. It is good to know that these tubs often offer hydrotherapy. It would be great to take advantage of the built in water jets. Something to think about would be to find one of these bathtubs with a door that is easy to open and close to facilitate the bathing process.

  5. Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy have all proven benefits for the mind and body, making the walk-in tub’s bathing experience unlike any other. Some senior users get a walk-in tub for one, two or a host of conditions that need regular home treatment without the help of a guardian. Your local Home Depot has walk-in tubs with any combination of the features of your choice for a bargain.
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