Health Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Lots to Gain Despite Any Pain

This is a guest post by Joe Topfit.

In this modern society where things have grown highly technological and you can even order a pizza over the Internet, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are finding it easier to stay indoors than to go outdoors for fresh air and exercise. Yes, the twenty-first century is past its first decade, but have things really improved? The answer is no.

In this modern day and age, it’s far easier to sit at a desk and type than it is to get up and exercise. There are many pills on the market today that can help cure anything from allergies to rheumatoid arthritis, but the truth of the matter is this: no amount of pill popping will ever be as helpful to a person as good old-fashioned exercise.  There is not a doctor on this planet that will not agree that even a small amount of exercise a day can be greatly beneficial to people of all ages.

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The Most Important Thing

There are many adults who fear staying active as they get older. Exercise is beneficial, especially to older people.  Doctors and scientists have come together to create a long list of why exercise is important and the health benefits it provides.  The most important thing that exercising can provide is longevity of life. Even as little as exercising half an hour every other day can increase flexibility and endurance.  It has been scientifically proven that exercise is good for the heart, keeps blood pressure down, can keep cholesterol levels down, and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood which can keep a senior from developing geriatric diabetes.  Exercise can also reduce the risk of having a stroke.  No matter what age a person is, exercising is important, and it is never too late to begin exercising.  Another great benefit of exercising, especially in older people, is that it has been scientifically proven that seniors who maintain an active lifestyle, which includes exercising regularly, have shown a reduced risk in developing dementia. Exercising cannot only help keep dementia at bay, but other sicknesses and diseases as well.   A long study conducted by scientists has proven that adults who make exercise a part of their lives have a stronger immune system than those that do not exercise regularly.  A strong immune system can not only keep sickness such as the common cold or flu from developing, but the risk of developing more serious illnesses such as cancer or other chronic conditions have been significantly reduced.

Making a Senior Happy

Another reason why exercising should be included in the lives of adults of any age is not only the health benefits of being disease-free, but it can also help maintain physical conditions as well.  As the body gets older, cells and muscle tissue begin to break down.  When muscles are not as strong as they once were, it can lead to other problems.  After an adult turns fifty, the muscles begin to deteriorate at a rate of between one and two percent a year. As a result of this loss of muscle, balance becomes an issue which can contribute to more and more seniors falling and injuring themselves.   Every year a majority of senior citizens end up being checked into nursing homes or other rehabilitation facilities due to broken bones or other injuries.  This is very important, because nothing will cause a senior to lose their independence faster than a broken hip that not only gets them checked into a nursing home but can be detrimental to their overall mental state.   A healthy senior is a happy senior!

Using an Elliptical Trainer

There are many people out there that find exercise time consuming and very boring, but there are many ways a person can get a good workout and still have a good time.  Doctors and scientist have agreed that one of the best ways to exercise is by using an elliptical trainer.  Why is this the best way? For a person of any age that needs to exercise, the trainer is ideal because its elliptical motion, which is an oval shape, will not cause pressure on the joints that a regular bicycle or a treadmill can cause.  An older person that needs to get exercise and cannot handle a machine with high impact can benefit from the low impact the elliptical trainer can provide.

There are other countless reasons why exercise should be a part of everyone’s lives whether they are twenty-five, fifty-five, or even seventy-five.  Exercising is a great way to not only stay young at heart, no matter what your age is, but it is also the best way to stay healthy.  It is never too late to meet up with a doctor to discuss exercising and get that exercise routine planned out. The pain is definitely worth the gain.

Author Bio: Joe Topfit is an enthusiastic aerobics fan who three years ago, when he moved down to Chile, discovered the health benefits of a regular walking routine. He found out that despite of not having joined any gym club he kept his good physical condition by walking an average of 45-60 minutes every day. As a consequence of these amazing results, he created a cross trainer elliptical site where he encourages people to start enjoying the benefits of a solid walking routine.

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