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As more and more people get older and live longer lives, there is an increasing interest in information on health and on aging.  This blog will attempt to be on the leading edge in identifying new sources of credible information.

There are of course a number of government websites in various countries that aim to provide a compendium of the information that is available.  This blog would never attempt to compete with them.  However there can be a lead-time in new information getting into such references and we hope we can help to reduce the time before you find the latest information.

Government Websites for Senior Health

The following are government websites that currently seem to give credible information in a user friendly fashion.

In the United States, NIH Senior Health is a government-provided website.
This easy-to-use website features basic health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.

nih senior health

The Australian Government has a website for seniors that provides information on a whole raft of topics including health. Interestingly this targets those 50 and above.

Seniors website from the Australian Government

Healthy Living is a similar website provided by the Canadian government.

Canadians are enjoying longer life spans and better health than ever before. The proportion of seniors in the Canadian population is expected to double by 2025. Health Canada is proactively conducting research and planning to better understand the needs of Canadian seniors and to ensure that programs and services respond to Canada’s demographic aging.

healthy living

The Public Health Agency of Canada provides a portal or gatewayto information on health issues of particular relevance to older adults.

public health agency canada

I was not able to find any similar website in the UK but the Age UK website carries the title, Keeping Fit | Conditions & Illnesses | Health.  It provides advice on keeping healthy and staying fit for people aged 55+.  This includes exercise advice, mental health information and ways of accessing health services.

age uk health wellbeing

Some other useful references

The following references were provided by Caroline James of  http://elderaction.org/

If you are looking for particular information and are having difficulties in finding it, why not contact us and see what we can turn up for you.

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