10 reasons why seniors sometimes don’t eat properly

appetizing meals

Guest contribution by Peter Smith.

Caring for an older relative can be hard work – and one of the hardest parts is often trying to ensure they’ve eaten enough, or eaten the right foods. A good start to solving this problem is to figure out just exactly why they aren’t eating properly – there are lots of potential reasons for it, and narrowing it down can help you target the source of the issue. Here are ten reasons seniors sometimes don’t eat properly: Continue reading

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Strength Training for Seniors

senior weight training

Photo by stockimages from freedigitalphotos.net

Guest contribution by Tiffany Miller

Why is strength training such a great idea for seniors? Can someone in their 80’s really benefit from strength training? Strength training is useful for all ages if done properly. Seniors can benefit from strength training in the areas of muscular degeneration, bone degeneration, and balance. Continue reading

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Landscaping Ideas for Seniors

gladeGuest contribution by Dane O’Leary

Garden therapy has been recommended to treat ailments both physical as well as emotional and to individuals of all ages. Especially for seniors, gardening also provides a productive form of exercise too. Bending, planting, and pruning are great for the body, allowing limbs to stretch and improving circulation. Sunshine is a source of vitamin D while taking part in the natural environment by growing new plant life and helping it to thrive is good for the soul. Continue reading

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Age-related changes influence your dietary needs and your appetite

stomacheThis article is contributed by Peter Smith.

It is an indisputable fact that as we age our bodies change. Our metabolisms tend to slow down and we slowly get weaker. Good diet and exercise can stave off the majority of these effects but they cannot adjust nature’s cycle. As people mature, they use their body in a different way to when they were younger. Their nutritional needs are different and the whole system is not as good at absorbing important nutrients anymore. An old person’s appetite decreases with age, and his/her dietary needs change too. Here are some of the most common changes: Continue reading

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Live long, live well

live long live wellWith so many living longer, it is important to do the right things that will give you a full and fulfilling life. Eating right and exercising are key activities in that plan. Even more fundamental is ensuring your finances don’t run out before you are ready to go. The infographic below provides some important considerations that you should take into account. Continue reading

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Top 10 Things to Prepare the House for an Aging Adult

seniorThis article is contributed by Charlie Kimball.

Just as new parents have to baby-proof their homes for safety, it’s often necessary to elder-proof the home. With a bit of planning and a few accoutrements, the transition can be smooth as silk. Here are the top 10 items that you can install in your home to make it safer for your loved one. Continue reading

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Treating Underlying Mental Disorders

despairA new type of dual treatment for addiction involves treating a patient’s underlying mental disorders. A prime example is soldiers returning from combat suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who drink or use drugs to escape the symptoms of PTSD. Due to the complex nature of the process of diagnosing mental disorders while treating addiction, it’s important for patients to look for the appropriate help.   Continue reading

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Senior Superfoods

super foodThis is a guest post by Felicity Dryer.

With so many pharmaceuticals prescribed for seniors it is no wonder people are living much longer than ever before. Add in trained, professional, empathetic home care options and a senior can continue to enjoy a high quality of living well into their nineties and beyond.

Yet, there’s minimal talk of choosing specific foods that can also contribute beneficially to this scenario. In some cases, with the agreement of your doctor, there are even some foods that may enable a senior to decrease or terminate some or all of their pharmaceutical protocol. Continue reading

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Time For A Canada Prescription Drug Plan

prescription drugsAll seniors will be delighted to see the headline that is appearing today: Pharmacare national prescription drug program gains support.  It’s widely supported in the medical community, but has not yet caught fire with Canadians at large.  The concept is very straightforward: pharmacare, a national program that would see prescription drugs covered through a publicly funded system rather than out of pocket. Continue reading

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International Day of Older Persons – October 1

chinese womenEvery year, October 1 celebrates the United Nations backed International Day of Older Persons. For 2014 the theme is Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All. The photograph on the right shows Elderly women in Chengdu as displayed on the UN website. Continue reading

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